I have seen a lot of great Judge Dredd cosplay over the years, and while the costume itself presents a whole set of sartorial challenges, I have to imagine that the most difficult part of being Dredd is maintaining his permanent stony scowl. Even the most dedicated person is eventually going to think about two different kinds of animals being best friends, and boom. With one slight smile, the whole thing falls apart.

Now, though, 2000 AD and Ghoulish Productions have a solution: An officially licensed latex mask based on some of the comic's most popular characters, starting with Judge Dredd and his genocidal, interdimensional foe, Judge Death.

Sadly, they won't be out in time for this Halloween, but with a release in January 2017, you'll have plenty of time to get ready for next year.



Here's the information from the official announcement:

With a galaxy of series to bring to life, the masks will allow humans everywhere to don the mantle of their favourite characters from the pages of 2000 AD – making them ideal for Halloween, fancy dress parties, or putting the frighteners on your friends!

The first characters to be immortalised will be famous future lawman Judge Dredd, aliens superfiend Judge Death, and Al Ewing and Henry Flint’s ‘weaponised zombie’ Zombo.

Dredd and Zombo are scheduled to be available for order by January 2017.

Keith Richardson, licensing manager for 2000 AD, said: “Ever since we began working with Ghoulish on these masks it’s been clear that these are going to be great - whether you choose Judge Dredd, Zombo, or Judge Death, these will be perfect for Hallowe’en and fancy dress parties. Ghoulish have a worldwide reputation for high quality and it will be great to see 2000 AD’s characters alongside so many other iconic franchises in their catalogue.”

Ghoulish Productions CEO Diego Esponda said: "2000 AD and all its characters represent comic book culture. We are very proud to bring this characters to life for all the fans."

Every Ghoulish Productions mask is 100% hand-crafted with the highest quality materials available to meet the demands and expectations of all our costumers. Every mask they make has the same detail work that only a hand-crafting artist can have.

Based in Mexico and already holding licenses for Hellraiser, Terminator, Resident Evil, World War Z, Men In Black, and Plants vs Zombies, Ghoulish Productions is a leading mask and costumes company with more than 50 years experience. It has been exporting original quality products to the US since 1988. It’s commitment to innovation, ingenuity, art, quality, trust and professional service has opened the door to licensing products with many movie studios. In 2009 it expanded its markets to Europe and Asia, making it one of the most recognized worldwide companies in the Halloween Industry in the last 10 years.

Two things about this announcement. First: the phrase "the Halloween Industry" probably sounds way more delightful and spookier than it actually is. Second, and this is an honest question, is "putting the frighteners on your friends" part of the weird future-slang of Mega-City One, or is it something people say in the present-day UK? Either way, I suggest we adopt it here and now.