WB Games, Netmarble and Mobicle have unveiled the first Justice League game for iOS devices, Justice League: Earth's Final Defense, which will be available for download starting August 1. A new trailer for the mobile game shows Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Batman beating up a variety of Qwardians and bad seeds from Gorilla City, plus the Joker and a gang of clown-masked thugs. The game looks like a fairly standard 3D beat 'em up, with the added bonus of customizable powers and "Support Hero Cards" that boost a given character's powers via the attributes of their JL allies. Players will also have access to unlockable costumes, which helps explain why the trailer seems to include both Hal Jordan and John Stewart slinging rings, why Superman is in his "Beyond" suit and why Wonder Woman is rocking a jacket in the gameplay footage. You can watch the trailer for Justice League: Earth's Final Defense after the jump.

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