If pictures of Smurfs gone completely snake-eyed and bloodlustful are liable to give you nightmares, you may want to avert your eyes from the work of Justin C. Orr. But assuming you're fine with such things, you're going to want to see what happens when this guy gets his artful hands on some Kirby Krackle and Darseid vs. Orion action.
Orr uses a few different approaches to his coloring, opting for some some solid, TV-appropriate hues for his "Venture Bros." and Birds of Prey pieces and mixing things up with a washed-out look for The Flaming C and Superman, which he's shared on his Jusscope Blog.

If you like his work enough, he's got an art book available, too, which he's titled "Jusscope 2 in One." In the meantime, check out his takes on Ares, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle and few other characters that did the trick for us below.

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