Artist Kerry Callen lit up our lives earlier this month when we discovered his twisted take on what Marvel's '60s staples might have looked like if they'd have been published by DC during its surreal Silver Age. Between his depiction of an obese Spider-Man held back from saving his aunt May to a cover sporting a desperate Bucky begging Captain America not to eat his own shield, the Halo and Sprocket creator helped viewers revel in the insanity that made that era's stories so mesmerizing. Today Callen's blog has resumed the hilarity with takes on the Heroes for Hire and Ghost Rider that you will have to see to believe after the jump.Ghost Rider may have seen something of a familiar expansion in recent years in his solo title, but Marvel's got nothing on Callen's GR family (Ghost Ghost Rider and Robot Ghost Rider should both really happen) in his imagined 80 page giant. What's more, a composite Luke Cage/Iron Fist seems like just what the doctor ordered for future issues of New Avengers.

See the two new covers below:

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