Kevin Dart borrows from James Bond and The Avengers (Avengers as in Emma Peel, not Steve Rogers) for his book and short film series Yuki 7 and the Gadget Girls. But he adds a modern twist to his fashionistas-cum-super-spies. Dart builds impossible worlds stuffed with retrofuturistic optimism, a touch he lends to all his artwork, whether he's landing gorgeous astronauts on a far away moon or covering scenes from E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.

Dart's bikini-wearing, scooter-riding, sharp-shooting gadgeteers appear in the books Looks That Kill and Seductive Espionage, both available through the Yuki 7 website. Dart infuses the Yuki 7 team with a sweet sultriness that's more flirty than sexy. It translates nicely to Dart's movie posters for imaginary action films -- even his monster movies. He also has a witty take on fan art, especially when it comes to his E.T.

You can find more information on and art for Yuki 7 at the Kevin Dart and Yuki 7 websites, but Dart's more recent artwork on his Tumblr.

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