In the past, we've had a little fun with The Devastator, the quarterly comedy anthology, but their latest issue is the best of the series so far. Wrapped up in a cover by CA favorite Michael Kupperman, this issue is themed around spies and espionage, and there are enough great gags in here that it's well worth picking up -- and I'm not just saying that because an ultraviolent parody of the Canadian children's show Totally Spies! is scientifically designed to appeal to me.

Okay, fine, that's a big part of it. But the rest of the issue is pretty great too.Aside from Totally Spies, what really hooked me on this issue was the inclusion of an old-school puzzle book-style red plastic lens decoder in the shape of a magnifying glass so that you can decode bonus jokes in the margins. Beyond that, though, there's a ton of great stuff in this issue, skewing the hit-to-miss ratio that you always get with an anthology way towards the hit side.

Aside from the typically awesome Kupperman cover, my favorite parts in this issue were Patrick Baker's The Moose & Squirrel Communiqué, a series of telegrams from Boris and Natasha explaining why they were obsessed with a pair of local talking animals rather than, you know, anything of actual interest to their communist government...

...and Classified Assets, three full-page bits by Amanda Meadows and Laura Silverman that were dead-on parodies of USA's ads for their original shows:

The best piece by far though was Dominic Dierkes' Quantum of Sexting, a series of drunk texts sent by James Bond that I can't show you here for what are probably pretty obvious reasons. Trust me, they're hilarious.

It's a great issue, and well worth checking out. Flip through the preview below and head over to to grab a copy of your very own!

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