The change of seasons has brought a chill to the air and widely available apple cider once again, but those are merely a prelude to something better: The new issue of The Devastator, our favorite comedy magazine. In previous issues, Devastator's mix of comics, text pieces, graphs and the occasional board game has taken on topics like hipsters, spies, crossovers and even the apocalypse, but this time, the quarterly mag is taking on anime, manga, and even a few video games in the newest Otaku-themed edition. And yes: The graphs are back, in the form of a pretty amazing flow chart helping you to answer the question of "Is This Hentai?"

Contributions to The Devastator: Otaku include a cover by All New Ghost Rider writer and Peepo Choo creator Felipe Smith, a new installment of The Anime Club by Gunshow and Back creator  K.C. Green, and a series of ads for an anime sex pillow dating service featuring Brooklyn Nine Nine's Joe Lo Truglio. Seriously. Check out a preview below!







Told you I was serious.

Incidentally, that Phoenix Wright parody, by Patrick Baker and Erin Nagy, actually goes on for a few more pages, and it's definitely the highlight of the book. It's clearly made by people who are very familiar with Phoenix Wright and its truly bizarre interpretation of how the law works, and it's genuinely hilarious.

More information (including subscriptions) can be found at The Devastator #11: Otaku is currently available digitally for three bucks, with the print version going up later this week.