Fans of Kevin Mellon likely know him as the artist of Heart with Blair Butler, Lovestruck with Dennis Hopeless, American Muscle with Steven Niles, and a storyboarder/designer on FX's Archer -- among other collaborative efforts. Beginning today, though, Mellon will fly indie as the writer, artist and colorist of his new creator-owned series, Suicide Sisters.

Joined by letterer and designer Crank!, the 32-page first issue of Mellon's opening "Shoot The Devil" three-issue arc will introduce rough-and-tumble sisters Dora and Cora, who are on a hardcore quest to reclaim their souls from none other than Satan himself. Are you ready for brutal brawling and salty language befitting biker types and nefarious beasts? Hit the jump for a first-look.Readers can score a digital bundle that includes DRM-free .PDF and .CBR versions of the comic for $1, with printed copies for sale for $5 plus shipping at Mellon's official Suicide Sisters website. Those headed to HeroesCon this weekend in Charlotte, NC from June 7-9 will also be able to pick up a physical copy at Mellon's table, AA-1223.

You can check out 12 pages of Suicide Sisters #1 below.

[Click Pages To Enlarge/See NSFW Uncensored Versions]

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