Say what you will about the fashion crime that is Killer Moth's bright green, purple and orange, striped uniform - I think he's awesome. So if DC's The Source is going to post new images of the villain's appearance in February 3's "Robin" # 9, I'm going to spread the word. Really, what kind of fan would I be if I didn't push my views on others? Especially when Marcus To's art captures KM's radness so perfectly.

Even though Killer Moth seems taking a page form the '90s with a little extra ammo here and a few added pouches there, you can't really blame him. His so-called "cooler" (and they were admittedly kind of cooler) costumes may have had added style, but this back to the basics approach reaffirms the villain's commitment to contrast - a useful tactic in throwing heroes off their game. At least, that's the excuse I'm going to make for him.

I know I'm not helping the guy's cause very much, but when a villain still looks bad-to-the-bone drinking apple juice, I can't help myself....

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