One of our favorite geek rock bands Kirby Krackle returns with an all-new music video for "Zombie Apocalypse," a track off their eponymous debut album. Animated by Damon O'Keefe ("Metalocalypse") and Daisy Church, "Zombie Apocalypse" depicts the familiar story of an average dude (vocalist Kyle Stevens) waking up in a word overrun by the flesh-eating undead, only with many amusing references to comic books and nerd culture such as:

-A desolate and bloody Quick Stop convenience store ("Clerks")

-A zombie-fied fail whale (Twitter)

-A zombie hobo with a sign reading "World War Z Vet" ("World War Z")

-Zombie-fied Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Yes, you are going to want to see this.The video also lovingly references its "Shaun of the Dead" inspirations with clear nods to Edgar Wright's work, including a shot of "Hot Fuzz" on the protagonist's television as he channel surfs through increasingly zombified programming.

Check it out below:

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