If you happened to catch this weekend's NBA All-Star Game, chances are you saw L.A. Lakers franchise player Kobe Bryant pull off some, dare we say, superhuman moves (like this dunk over some dude named LeBron). Apparently, the folks at Nike are taking that superheroic comparison quite literally, teaming up with director Robert Rodriguez of (Sin City) fame and a host of A-list talent on their all-new campaign, The Black Mamba.Yup, while fanboys wait patiently for Rodriguez to get crackin' on his next rumored comic project (whether that be Deadpool, Madman or the next Sin City installment), we'll just have to make do with this commercial disguised as a short film casting Bryant as The Black Mamba -- a gritty hero who utilizes fundamental basketball skills to do away with the likes of villains such as The Crippler (played by Danny Trejo), Mister Suave (Bruce Willis) and The Boss (played by Kanye "Pardon the Interruption" West).

Check out the full trailer below:

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