Artist Kody Christian chose to depict "Pokémon" in red and white rather than "Black" and "White" when the Nintendo-made critters appeared in his series of typography-based art prints, and he managed to amass a nice sampling from the franchise's lexicon. You'll find most of the words that matter there when it comes to tossing out balls that enslave rare animals and forcing them to do battle. Moreover, similar levels of vocabulary familiarity can be gleaned from the phrases and names out of the Superman and Mega Man universes in the posters he's crafted for them.

Christian's Criterion-esque minimalist designs show up on his Society6 page where his color palettes stay simple in order to spotlight terminology like "The American way," "Pause Trick" "Drowzee" and "Hypno."

Pac-Man, of course, proves himself to be a poster child for video game minimalism, both in thought and shape. The prints Christian has made are anything but, though, so have a gander and enjoy.

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