Black Panther hasn't quite gotten his fair share of collectibles, but with the ruler of Wakanda about to step into the spotlight in a major way, that looks to change dramatically in the coming year. Though he's been a mainstay of the Marvel comic verse for some time now, and particularly in the past few years with a prominent role in what was the Marvel Now phase that Marvel is abandoning after Secret Wars, there's been very little for fans of the character to purchase to show their adoration beyond the page.

Teased at San Diego Comic-Con for the first time, Kotobukiya will be bringing T'Challa to life in an absolutely amazing statue that perfectly captures the spirit of the character. The Black Panther Fine Arts statue looked impressive in its prototype form when we saw it back in July, and it doesn't appear to have gone through many changes since. That's a good thing.

Posed ready to strike atop some panther head rubble, Black Panther just looks like he's ready to tear you a new one. His posture belies that he knows more about your next move than you do, and he's carefully surveying his options in the best way to pounce. The gold accents really pop on the blue and black uniform, which could have looked rather dull. Fortunately, the paint app is perfect, and helps bring the great musculature details to life from every angle. I would have liked to see an alternate, unmasked head, which Koto has done in the past, but the masked version is rather fierce with its furrowed brow intimidating all comers.

You can pre-order the Black Panther Fine Arts statue from Kotobukiya's store now for $239.99. It's expected to arrive in May 2016.