Kristen Lester's paintings would be well suited for illustrated children's book adaptations of The Neverending Story or the Tom Hanks film Big. In fact any parent would be fortunate to find such a book for their child. Her work cuts straight to the wild-eyed moments of wonder in her subjects' fictional lives, whether she's depicting little Josh Baskin standing in front of a coin-operated fortune telling machine or Buffy the Vampire Slayer clutching her stabby stick.Lester occasionally posts new pieces to her I Like Cookie blog, but we'd love to see more. Other options for finding her work include gallery exhibitions and animated programming such as Sym-Bionic Titan or Special Agent Oso.

Additionally, she has a storyboard blog, which you may find to be of interest, containing re-imagined scenes from The Goonies and Jonah Hex. Naturally, Lester's Jonah Hex stuff turned out better than the actual movie.

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