Because their love is brilliant and amazing like that really awesome X-Kryptonite that gave Supergirl's cat Streaky her powers, JC Vall'Acqua and Beth Reed made the ultimate commitment in the best Kryptonian tradition when they wed this past October. Both fans of Superman, the happy couple based their wedding ceremony on that seen in some Superman comics, constructing custom platforms, podiums, family crests, sunstone/crystal props, and hosted the event at the aesthetically perfect City Hall Rotunda in San Jose, California. Even the wedding invitations were written in Kryptonian, and the wedding rings were concealed in a recreation of the dome from Superman: The Movie.

Check out loads of Kryptonian wedding photos after the jump.As the proprietor of Blue Mirage Studio branding and design, Vall'Acqua was well-suited to create a Kryptonian wedding with all the trimmings. Among the photos he shared with his friends at the Replica Prop Forum:

Jor-El and Lara's wedding. Note the crystal platform. Anyone know what title and issue this was?

JC and Beth's wedding invitation, inspired by Lois and Clark's

Kryptonian wedding altar

The dome opens to reveal the wedding rings within

The San Jose City Hall Rotunda

Here comes the space bride


Belated congratulations to the happy couple from your friends at ComicsAlliance!

(Thanks to Dean Trippe and Chris Roberson for figuring out what "the good" Kryptonite was for the startlingly original opening sentence.)