The mystery of the O.M.I.T. acronym has finally been revealed! Spider-Man prepares to face "One Moment In Time," a new storyline by Marvel EIC Joe Quesada, with art by Paolo Rivera that will run through the oversized issues of "Amazing Spider-Man" #637-640.

"O.M.I.T." is set to relay the untold story of Peter Parker and Mary Jane's retconned wedding day, revealing just why the couple didn't end up walking down the aisle in post "One More Day" continuity and what it means for the future of the Spider-Man mythos. The tale will draw on -- and replace -- the story in "Amazing Spider-Man Annual" #21 where Peter Parker and Mary Jane were originally married, and explain many of the unanswered questions let by the "One More Day" storyline that removed the marriage from Spider-Man's history.He explained further at CBR:

The story actually takes place in current continuity. It starts with a conversation. Actually, I take that back. It starts with "One More Day," and then we go into current continuity. And then from there, we flash into the Wedding Annual, actually using a tremendous amount of material from the wedding annual and then dancing between those raindrops. People will see as the book goes along. And if you haven't read the Wedding Annual, or you've forgotten what the Wedding Annual was all about, there are actual pages there. There are scenes that either end and then we continue them, or there were moments where Peter and MJ went off to do different things, and we tell what those stories were.

Quesada told fans at the C2E2 panel that the story will "basically answer all the remaining questions after "One More Day" that people have been picking at -- I believe, I think we've answered every question."

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