It turns out that you don't have to be Jim Lee to make astonishing artwork on an iPad. You can also be Kyle Latino. He started out simple with a Hellboy headshot about a month ago, but since then you can really see him learning new tricks by the finger/stylus swipe, whether he's experimenting with Grendel, Cesar Romero as The Joker or the unmistakable MODOK.
Latino shares his touch-art triumphs on his blog at His Wasp there is sting-you-in-the-head incredible and should have its own trading card somewhere. Like, seriously, Marvel should send him a check and buy the image.

Those who dig Jack Kirby will also want to bask in the glow of Latino's Galactus and Arishem the Judge pieces. His Black Canary and Kitty Pryde, meanwhile, shine radiantly enough without the help of cosmic energy. Have a look at our favorites from his posts down below.

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