A woman breaks up with her terrible deadbeat boyfriend and has to start a new life. That's been the start of many stories, but this one's a little different. The woman in question is the world's greatest assassin, and she and her awful ex both worked for a criminal mastermind known as Requin, and the ex's response to getting dumped is to declare her a traitor. That means the new life she must start necessitates taking down Requin and his entire criminal empire before they kill her.

That's the premise of Kill Them All, the upcoming graphic by Kyle Starks, which he's funding with a Kickstarter campaign that launched today. Starks is the writer/artist behind the Eisner-nominated Sexcastle, which has been optioned to become a movie, and also the current writer and sometimes artist of the Rick and Morty comic from Oni Press.




The story also features a hard-drinking ex-cop who wants to get his job back, and follows this mysterious woman into her battle against Requin's mob. He's the one who feels more like a Sexcastle-esque Starks protagonist, which makes the focus on the female lead an interesting departure. Of course, as the title implies, Kill Them All features plenty of the comically over-the-top '80s action movie violence that Starks is known for.

Starks stresses on the Kickstarter page that the book is done, and the campaign is largely to cover printing costs. That means that if you choose a reward tier that includes a PDF copy (which starts at $7), you receive it the moment the campaign is complete.

For larger donations, you get print copies of the book, a branded flask, and drawings or painting from Starks. The campaign runs until September 30th, and you can learn more on the Kickstarter page.




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