Ever since Warner Bros. folded DC Comics into the Diane Nelson-helmed DC Entertainment, fans have wondered if the restructuring would result in the publisher and its many employees being transplanted from New York City to Los Angeles. The move would certainly make sense in terms of literal consolidation (practical consolidation might be another matter), and today's seeming hint at the move in the LA Times does nothing to quell speculation.

In a profile about Nelson and writer and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, the LA Times seemed to keep the possibility casual. Still, considering the factual nature of the rest of the piece, the following passage lends some credence to a move panning out at some point:

"The biggest challenge for Nelson and Johns may be merging the cultures of the Warner lot in Burbank and the offices of DC, which are in Manhattan but may soon move to L.A."

DC hasn't made an official announcement regarding a potential relocation of its comics arm. I mean, it certainly doesn't seem like something they'd include in a slide show during the DC Nation panel at Comic-Con, but who knows? Maybe it'd be a good segue between Batman and Superman announcements?[Via the LA Times]

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