The Legend of Zelda has been a fixture in pop culture ever since that golden GamePak hit shelves back in 1986, and one of the best things about it has always been the look. From green-clad heroes to glowing triforces to weird pig-sorcerer guys who are super into kidnapping princesses, those games have always looked cool, even when they were limited to 8-bit palette.

Now, Dark Horse has compiled the art of Legend of Zelda into a massive, 250+ page compendium called the Hyrule Historia, a book that has managed to unseat even 50 Shades of Grey from the top spot on Amazon. Truly, Link is the hero of light. Check out a preview highlighting the art from Twilight Princess below!The book highlights the art of Zelda from every game over the past quarter century -- including a nifty timeline in the back of concept art for Link, Zelda and Ganon in each game -- but with the more recent entries, it's easy to see how many details of those original designs were translated into the final game.

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Hyrule Historia is out today at bookstores everywhere, available in hardcover from your local comic shop from Dark Horse Comics, with a cover price of $34.99!

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