While Nintendo's Zelda franchise has long seemed to have a loose sort of chronology, or at least overlapping elements, a new Zelda art book titled Hyrule Historia finally reveals what gamers had long suspected and craved: There is an official timeline mapping every game in the Zelda franchise, and now you can look at it. Kotaku posted a more skeletal version last week, and has since updated with a more comprehensive English version, courtesy of translations by Glitterberri.

Please note that that there is some full-on multiverse sh*t going down in here, as Kotaku explains:

Note that the "split" is due to Ocarina's time differences and assumptions based on the different ways that story could have ended and branched off from his two ages: the Link to the Past split is Link failing, the Majora's split is Link defeating Ganon and branching off from his boyhood and the Wind Waker split is Link defeating Ganon and branching from his older years.

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