Legends of Tomorrow likely had the most cleanup after the four-way crossover, though winter finale “The Chicago Way” did manage to catch us up with Rip Hunter; albeit a very different Rip than we remember. Now, the 2017 return trailer teases a more fully-formed Legion of Doom, with a dumbstruck Rip as their prisoner.

Following Supergirl and The Flash, The CW released a first trailer for the return of Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, arriving January 24 (in a new timeslot) with “Raiders of the Lost Art.” Among the sights of the new trailer, there’s Rip’s incredulous reaction to the “Legion of Doom,” a term Sara understandably refuses to use.

It also appears as if the Legends will make it back to Revolutionary War times, while another telling shot sees Nate (Nick Zano) and Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) in bed together. So much for all that Heat Wave-Vixen shipping we did.

In the meantime, check out the full trailer above, and stay tuned for more on the Legion’s 2017 debut.

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