The moment Megalyn E.K.’s Vixen made the jump to live-action with Arrow Season 4, fans clamored either for a full-time gig or a Legends of Tomorrow role. Well, good news, sort of! Vixen will indeed join the Legends as a full-fledged Season 2 regular, but not quite the same Vixen we’ve been spending time with.

Per TVInsider, Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 will introduce a new Vixen among the cast as a full series regular, owing to Megalyn E.K.’s burgeoning film career. This won’t be a recasting of Mari McCabe, mind you, but rather “an earlier version of the character who may or may not share some sort of historical tie to Miss McCabe.”

It’s possible the new Vixen is aligned with an earlier-announced Season 2 regular role, described thusly:

Also being cast for Legends Season 2 is the female member of an elite paramilitary team living in the 1940s. An African-American, she is scrutinized in her time for both her gender and race and thus has worked twice as hard to be a perfect soldier. That said, she blames herself for — and aims to avenge — the death of a team member for whom she had repressed feelings.

Worth noting, Megalyn E.K. will continue to voice Mari McCabe for the CW Seed’s animated Vixen series, and potentially reprise her live-action role on Arrow, Flash, or any other series as time allows.

We’ll surely hear more of Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 on the way to Comic-Con 2016, but is some Vixen better than none?


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