Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes continues to provide curious fans with fresh looks at its blocky cast of heroes and villains, debuting three new screen shots this week on VideoGamer. Set for release on basically every videogame system on June 19, Lego Batman 2 will pit Batman, Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and potentially more heroes against Lex Luthor and the Joker as they run amok in Gotham City. For his part, Lex Luthor continues to look like a mean, Kryptonite gun-toting jerk. Meanwhile, the Joker actually looks a little sad, bearing dark enough circles around his eyes to evoke his The Dark Knight persona. Perhaps most interestingly, Green Lantern comes off looking a bit like, dare I say Nathan Fillion? The game's full voice cast hasn't been announced yet, but given Fillion's experiences voicing Hal Jordan so far, fans would definitely dig it. You can check out all three images after the jump.

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