We've put a lot of fan-made LEGO creations into the spotlight over the past few years, and usually, they represent the hard work of dedicated fans, using pieces pulled from dozens -- sometimes hundreds -- of sets. As cool as it is to see a towering Arkham Asylum or a motorized Joker's Funhouse, it's always a little bit disappointing that you can't run out to the store and buy one of your own, even if it does reduce the chances of stepping on a LEGO brick in the middle of the night. Now, though, we finally have a chance of gtting one of the coolest LEGO sets I've seen.

It's called "Assault On Wayne Manor," a three-level representation of Batman's ancestral home, complete with his anti-crime basement, full of secret passages, equipment and trophies, and it's up for voting right now on LEGO's Cuusoo project!

Assault On Wayne Manor LEGO Set


If you're not familiar with Cuusoo, the idea is that fans can design their own LEGO sets and submit them for voting, with the top sets being put into actual production. It's the way that we got stuff like LEGO Minecraft (which seems awfully redundant) and the recent Back to the Future DeLorean set, both of which have become immediate fan-favorites. Now, Wayne Manor is up for voting, and it's already gotten over 3,000 votes.

To be honest, I'm of two minds about this setup. On the one hand, given that Cuusoo submissions are limited only by the imagination, it seems like fans are missing an opportunity by designing things that are based on existing pop culture, especially when LEGO already has a bunch of high-end sets based on Batman -- including two different versions of the Batcave. On the other hand, this one has the giant green robot Tyrannnosaurus Rex.


Assault on Wayne Manor LEGO set


That's pretty hard to argue with.

To check out more photos of the potential set, including secret passages and a neat space-saving technique where the build folds in on itself, opening up to reveal the Batcave, head over to the Cuusoo project page!

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