As a guy who loves comics and LEGO, I've been pretty excited about the upcoming Marvel and DC LEGO sets ever since they were announced. I have to say, though, the official versions are going to have to be absolutely amazing to even come close to the great creations that are already being made by fans.

Case in point: An absolutely phenomenal setup from LEGO builder Mr. Xenomurphy, who spent two months creating a dynamic scene of Superman, Superboy and Aqualad battling Brainiac's robot minions at at an Art Deco Daily Planet building. Check out more shots of his creation and a rundown of his incredible details after the cut!

Rather than putting the Daiily Planet's signature globe in its usual spot on the roof -- where it would've taken up valuable space that could be better used for giant robot fights -- Mr. Xenomurphy instead gives the building a beautiful marquee, with the building recessed around the globe and a wall of windows facing out.

Along the same lines, even the little details of the building are nice Art Deco touches, like the simple Daily Planet logo "carvings" over the door. The details about the building itself go a long way towards making this a fantastic creation even before any of the super-hero stuff shows up.

But when it does show up, it's every bit as awesome as the rest of the creation. Superman gets blasted with a Kryptonite ray while his Pal, Jimmy Olsen...

...and his Girl Friend, Lois Lane (and her hat) watch from the sidelines:

And up on the roof, it's even better. Mr. Xenomurphy pulls off some awesome fire and water effects -- the motion that he gives to the water spilling out of the tower is phenomenal -- to show Superboy and Aqualad battling their own robots:

There's a great sense of motion to everything, both in the "splashes" that he's created, and Aqualad blasting his robot off the roof. The whole thing actually works like a comic book page, with these great, kinetic moments happening all at once. Even Perry White's getting into the act, picking up a fire axe and taking on the robot that's crashing into his office:

The "framed photos" in Perry's office are meant to be the Metropolis and Gotham City skylines, but the bookshelf and old-style rotary phone on Perry's desk are just beautiful pieces that show the attention to detail that's gone into this creation.

My favorite detail, though? The newsstand outside the Planet, which, rather than newspapers...

...seems to have a pretty full stock of custom-made, mini-figure-scale Golden Age DC Comics.

It all comes together to make the single best fan-made LEGO creation I've ever seen.

For more, including larger pictures, shots of the process, and even Mr. Xenomurphy's hand-drawn sketches of just how to go about building his creation, check out the full set on MOCPages!

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