There are a lot of toy fairs and expos every year, but over the past few summers, LEGO's managed to save up something new just for San Diego Comic-Con. In 2011, LEGO revealed its first ever batch of Marvel and DC Comics minifigures, followed by an even bigger set of minifig debuts at last year's show. The brickmaker is sure to roll out even more new products when SDCC opens this week, but attendees can do one better than simply seeing new sets if they can grab any of the four exclusive figures LEGO will be giving away this week at booth 2829. Arrow (from the same-titled CW series), Spider-Woman, a new version of Spider-Man and an all-black Man of Steel style Superman will all be on hand in limited quantities.

The four new minifigs join 2012's giveaway figures of Bizarro Superman, Phoenix, black costume Spider-Man and Shazam! (Captain Marvel), none of which have been included in any LEGO set since.

You can see all of this year's SDCC exclusive Marvel and DC Super Heroes LEGO giveaway figures below.



[Via USA Today]