If there's one thing that you need to know about the staff here at ComicsAlliance, it's that we're staunchly anti-cannon, and feel that they should be busted as often as possible. As a result, our interest was piqued when we heard about a new Kickstarter for a project from comic artist and animator LeSean Thomas called Cannon Busters, which seeks to raise $120,000 for what we assume will be an extended and thorough campaign design to leave no cannon un-busted. Finally, we will have these fearsome weapons out of the hands of the pirates that menace our shores.

Wait, no. It says here that Thomas, who has worked as an animator and designer for The Legend of Korra and Black Dynamite, among other shows, is actually setting out to produce a pilot for a new action adventure series about the power of robot friendship in what he calls a "steampunk spaghetti Western with RPG elements and hip-hop influence," including work from Joe Madureira. Well that actually sounds even better.



Honestly, they had me from the moment they said one of the characters was named "Casey Turnbuckle," but the idea that Thomas has been working on this project as a labor of love and wants to take it directly to the fans without compromising his vision is pretty stirring, too. There's definitely a bunch of stuff I like mashed up into this, and as a fan of Thomas's animation and art from other projects, I'm very interested to see how it turns out.

Right now, the $120,000 goal is for an eight-minute pilot, but according to the video, stretch goals allow for that to expand to a full half-hour episode, which would certainly be interesting to see -- and with the success of other animation projects like Bee and Puppycat, it doesn't seem like it's out of the realm of possibility, either.

The Cannon Busters Kickstarter runs through December 2 and has already racked up backers to the tune of almost a third of their initial goal, so it looks like it's on the track to success.

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