When you get right down to it, it's not that unusual for kids who see one of the Transformers movies to tell their parents that they want a giant robot of their own. I mean, I don't want to blow anybody's mind here, but that's kind of the point of the entire franchise, to get those impressionable youngsters into toy stores so they can go home with their own Optimus Prime or Megatron. But for one child in China, a toy wasn't going to do it. He wanted the real deal. So his father built him one.

After catching the Transformers movie with his son in August of 2014, Wang Liansheng spent a year building a life-size version of Bumblebee out of discarded auto parts --- and now he's working on Optimus Prime.


Photo via People's Daily Online
Photo via People's Daily Online


According to the story on People.cn, Bumblebee is just the tip of the Cybertronian iceberg:

Wang Liansheng has been a welder in the local shipyard for over 10 years. In the July of last year, Wang and his son watched the movie 'Transformer' in the cinema. His son asked for a big robot but Wang could not afford it. He made a promise to make one for him and started working in August of 2014. Collecting many abandoned auto parts from the nearby car factory and recycling center, he finished the creation after one year.

"I would like to make an ' Optimus ' and I already built the frame of it. The first robot is the promise to my son, the next one is about my career. I prepare to start my own business and have 7 or 8 workers in my company, "said Wang.

It makes for a pretty stellar career move, and one assumes that Wang's son is pretty happy to have his own life-sized transformer chilling out in the front yard. Now if someone could send him a few issues of More Than Meets The Eye so that we could get Rung and Tailgate, it'd be even better.