Pokémon Black/White 2 has been out for a month now in the US, and while I wish I could say I've maintained the Pokémaniac status I earned as a lad (me and MissingNo. were such bros back in the day), I confess I've been too busy with other interests of late to adventure around Unova a second time. Despite minimal recent gaming, I still love my pocket monsters, and thanks to artist Lindsey Morris and her new bootilicious Pokébutts mini-comic, fans now have substantially more to love. Don't worry, Pokébutts isn't the kind of horror you wish your search engine filter could nuke from space, instead it's a wonderfully silly 4.5 x 6", full-color mini-comic showcasing the derrieres of PKMN like Gengar and Wigglytuff. At 12 pages, Pokébutts doesn't quite catch 'em ALL, which is surely an intentional tease meant to provoke trainers into begging for further volumes cataloging, what is it now? 649 Pokémon? Can you imagine that many butts? Don't answer that.

Fanny enthusiasts can get their own copy of Pokébutts for $5 (plus shipping) at the artist's Etsy and Big Cartel shops, where the artist is also selling individually painted pokébutt creations for $20. Those who shop via Big Cartel can opt in to receive a hand drawn pokébutt of their choice on the inside cover of the mini-comic to boot(ie) for an extra $3.

You can take a look at some of the shapely monsters Morris has created to push Pokéballs to capacity below.

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