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Mini-Comics Day 2013 Coming March 24
One of the best things about the comics medium is its relatively low barrier to entry for storytellers, tool-wise. All anyone needs is a pencil or pen and some paper to translate what's in their imagination to the page, after all. Annual events like 24-hour Comic Day and Hourly Comic Day serve as healthy reminders of this each year, and while they've passed until 2014, Mini-Comics Day is coming o
DIY Roundup: Five Great Mini-Comics From the Fluke Festival
This weekend, I drove down to Athens, Georgia for Fluke, a one-day mini-comics festival held at the 40 Watt. It was my second time setting up there, and it's a great show that presents the perfect opportunity to meet the independent creators who are often overlooked in favor of mainstream writers and artists at bigger conventions, and check out what they have to offer...