One of the best things about the comics medium is its relatively low barrier to entry for storytellers, tool-wise. All anyone needs is a pencil or pen and some paper to translate what's in their imagination to the page, after all. Annual events like 24-hour Comic Day and Hourly Comic Day serve as healthy reminders of this each year, and while they've passed until 2014, Mini-Comics Day is coming on March 24 to encourage cartoonists everywhere to unleash their comics onto the world.Mini-Comics Day, now in its third year, encourages open participation to write, draw, and print an entire comic of any length and size in one day. The rules are few, meaning the process is open-ended and fairly unintimidating.

Created by the Cartoonist Conspiracy, a loose group of cartoonists with the goal of spreading comics collaboration through different organized efforts, Mini-Comics Day's official home page has full details and a sign-up platform for hosting local events. The Cartoonist Conspiracy has even created a downloadable PDF guide (a mini-comic itself) that gives some tips and advice on everything from producing, printing and distributing a finished mini-comic.

[Via Robot 6]

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