For many people working in all kinds of creative fields, Patreon has been an absolute godsend. The ability to interact with fans and provide them with an easy way to support creators monetarily has in some cases been literally lifesaving, and the service has allowed many people the means to pursue their artistic ambitions.

There are few fields that have felt the benefit of Patreon more than webcomics, and as of today it's even easier for creators to reach out to fans and get their support via Patreon. Digital comics publishing platform LINE Webtoon has announced a partnership with Patreon to integrate the two services and provide easy access for Webtoon readers to make Patreon donations.

Thanks to the partnership, creators can now link their Webtoon and Patreon accounts, which will make a small "Become A Patron" button appear on their profile. They will also be able to access and keep track of their patronage status and their readership stats on their Webtoon dashboard.

What's more, Webtoon are offering a pledge program, so that as long as a creator meets specific criteria for updates and readership statistics, Webtoon will pledge up to an extra $1000 a month in support.

According to the LINE Webtoon site:

In order to qualify for Webtoon’s pledge, creators will need to:
a) Update at least twice a month
b) [Have 3k+ subscribers (All regions) AND have 10k+ US monthly pageviews / update*]
[Have 5k+ subscribers (All regions) AND have 5k+ US monthly pageviews / update]

Webtoon is also offering its services to webcomics creators that have Patreons but are not using the service, to join as either featured creators or as Discover creators who will participate in Webtoon’s patronage investment program, with several popular webcomics creators, including Tracey Butler, joining up in the first wave.

For more information, check out LINE Webtoon's information page.

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