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High School Spirit: Should You Be Reading 'Oh! Holy!'?
What if you were a big deal at your high school, but haunted by something you did as a kid? And what if you were a kid nobody noticed, but haunted by actual ghosts? And what if those two people were meant to be together? That's the story that drives the Korean webtoon Oh Holy.
Rising To The Top: Should You Be Reading 'Tower Of God'?
Webtoons are a hugely popular digital comics format in Korea that are increasingly finding an audience around the world, and one of the most popular examples of the form is Tower of God, a compelling and ingeniously told tale of one young hero overcoming impossible obstacles to reach his destiny.
LINE Webtoon Partners With Patreon To Support Creators
For many people working in all kinds of creative fields, Patreon has been an absolute godsend. The ability to interact with fans and provide them with an easy way to support creators monetarily has in some cases been literally lifesaving, and the service has allowed many people the means to pursue t…
Marc Silvestri Brings 'Cyber Force' To LINE Webtoon
Writer/artist Marc Silvestri is taking his long-running series Cyber Force full cyber.

The latest two trade paperbacks of the series --- which include the first ten issues of the fourth volume, which kicked off in 2012 --- have been digitally reformatted for the LINE Webtoon platform, and are avail…