Writer/artist Marc Silvestri is taking his long-running series Cyber Force full cyber.

The latest two trade paperbacks of the series --- which include the first ten issues of the fourth volume, which kicked off in 2012 --- have been digitally reformatted for the LINE Webtoon platform, and are available now. They're meant to serve as a lead-in to all-new Cyber Force comics launching exclusively through LINE Webtoon this fall, with Silvestri working alongside writer and Top Cow President Matt Hawkins, who also co-wrote the most recent iteration of the series.

LINE Webtoon is touting the new Cyber Force as a "multi-platform experience," with close ties to the print comic Aphrodite IX, also written by Hawkins.

Here's what Silvestri said about the partnership:


We see this partnership with LINE Webtoon as a way to please our audience of devoted Cyber Force fans as well as bring in new ones on this new experience which is revolutionizing the way we read comics. We’ve already been deeply involved in developing the next Cyber Force storyline for the LINE Webtoon, and the results are going to truly blow our fans away.


Silvestri launched Cyber Force back in 1992 as one of Image Comics' inaugural titles. A few years later, it would become the flagship title of Silvestri's Top Cow line within Image.

LINE Webtoon may be unfamiliar to many American comics readers --- it just launched in the U.S. last year --- but in Korea, it's been up and running for a full decade. It's also available in Japanese, Thai and Mandarin, among other languages. According to a press release, it boasts 6.2 million daily users.

The company is making a major push to draw in American comics readers this year. In addition to scoring an exclusive with Cyber Force, it's also running a "superhero comics contest" with Stan Lee, in which "the best artist wins an audience with comic legend himself for guidance on their comic and has their comic published by LINE Webtoon." Plus, the company is soon to launch The Enchantress, a 26-chapter story about "elemental magic and ancient alchemy," produced by YouTube personality Michelle Phan.

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