Robert Kirkman's concepts seem to be doing fairly okay for themselves right now, with The Walking Dead leading the way to two of the most popular shows in the world, and the small-screen debut of Outcast just around the corner. His latest project for his Image imprint Skybound is a new miniseries developed alongside Marc Silvestri that will be written and drawn by two of comics fastest rising stars.

Demonic is about a New York City police officer who is an upstanding family man, great colleague, and stellar employee, who also happens to house a demon within his body that, if given its way, would break free and slaughter everyone in New York City. Written by Christopher Sebela with art by Niko Walter and Dan Brown, Demonic is set for release via Skybound later this year.

In a video interview for Skybound's YouTube page, Sebela explains how Robert Kirkman wrote the first issue of miniseries, and he was brought in from there to develop the series and see it through to its conclusion, along with Walter and Brown on art. He cites Breaking Bad as a huge influence on the comic for showing how far seemingly good people will go once they are corrupted, and explains that in one way or another, everyone in Demonic is corrupted by something.

To see Christopher Sebela's full video interview, head to Entertainment Weekly. Check out a preview of Demonic courtesy of EW below:


Demonic 001
Demonic 004
Demonic 003
Demonic 002


Demonic #1 is released August 3, 2016, and will be available digitally and in comic stores.


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