Toys: Alex Schranz continues to craft delightful custom Lego displays, this time based on the '60s Batman TV show's Batcave. [Super Punch]

Movies: Sebastain Shaw Kevin Bacon has signed on to play the villain in the upcoming live action movie adaptation of Dark Horse's R.I.P.D. [Variety]

Art: Dustin Harbin illustrates "The Faces of Robocop." [Dustin Harbin]

Music: There's a new music video for the studio version of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark's "Rise Above." There's a lot of shots of star Reeve Carney, Bono and the Edge and some behind-the-scenes stuff, but maybe two seconds of a guy in a Spider-Man costume. [Vulture]

Digital: Ty Templeton's "Fit to Print" students at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop will release its Holmes anthology at Fan Expo Canada Aug. 25-28 in print, and for free digitally via Graphicly, DriveThruComics, My Digital Comics and The Illustrated Section. [Robot6]

Gaming: Australian Batman: Arkham City fans will have access to EB Games' exclusive "Steelbook Edition" of the game that includes a '70s flavor Batman in his blue and gray duds, plus the "Joker Carnival" Challenge Map DLC and a copy of the animated Batman: Under the Red Hood for $98 AUD. [Joystiq]

Pogs: I'm not sure how I ever Tumblr'ed without Pog a Day. Thank you, CA EiC Laura Hudson. [Tumblr]

Animation: The Comic-Con trailer for Disney XD's upcoming Tron: Uprising has... uprisened? [Topless Robot]

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