Movies: Actor Chris Pratt went into full Cribs mode to show off the nooks and crannies of Star-Lord's ship from Guardians of the Galaxy, the Milano. [YouTube]



Legal Stuff: A former Marvel intern is suing the company for back pay. He claims he was deprived any compensation at all. [The Wrap]



Animation: Check out this highly researched look into the history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, including its connection to Lupin III! [ScreenCrush]


Television: Actress Hayley Atwell explains the details of how the eight-episode ABC series Agent Carter came together. It'll be a "very contained, intense adventure," she says. [TVLine]


Anime: Don't worry, everyone! The new Initial D movie has lots and lots of cars in it. [AnimeNewsNetwork]


Video: How it Should Have Ended imagines a sort of...anticlimactic end to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. [io9]

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