Webcomics: Grant Snider illustrates an epic Map of Thanksgiving Dinner. [Incidental Comics]

Creators: Gerald Scarfe, an English political cartoonist, got a newly-discovered dinosaur named after him. There's a new metric for success in the industry, as far as I'm concerned. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Parades: Did you guys watch The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Sonic totally had a new balloon. [Macy's]

Upcoming: The cover to Life With Archie #16 reveals Kevin Keller's potential future marriage (with a quote from CA, too boot!). [Bleedingcool]

WHAAAA?: Yoda shills Nissin Cup Noodles in Japan, with the lost-in-translation "Boil Japan" tag line. [Geekologie]

Webcomics: Virtual Shackles applies the Pepper Spraying Cop meme to Pokémon. Poor Snorlax. [Virtual Shackles]

Gaming: Kotaku takes THQ's uDraw "Instant Artist" pack-in software for a spin and size up its strengths and weaknesses. [Kotaku]

Art: DC Comics' first poster from Alamo Drafthouse's Mondo collective, will be "Fortress of Solitude" by JC Richard. It goes on sale Friday at the Mondo site. [Comics Continuum]

Humor: In honor of the release of Skyward Sword, Dorkly ponders what Link's hypothetical Legend of Zelda yard sale might look like. [Dorkly]

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