Music: The Eels reveal the cover to their new album... by indie artist Adrian Tomine! (The Beat)

Movies: How are all the X-Men film projects coming along? Pretty well, according to this summary. The new Wolverine movie will focus on the anti-hero's adventures in Japan and his relationship with Mariko Yashida; "Deadpool" will mercifiully be ignoring what happened in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine,"and "X-Men: First Class" plans to take a page from the Harry Potter flicks. Oh, and "X-Men Origins: Magneto" is stuck in development limbo. (Geeks of Doom)

Humor: A dark, dark parody of the Pixar intro, where the little lamp brutally murders the letter "i." (College Humor)

Swag: If the genuinely fashionable Star Wars Hoodies of Marc Ecko weren't enough, now he's teasing Stormtrooper and Boba Fett Timex watches from his upcoming holiday collection, and like many things that are nice, I imagine they will not be cheap. Fortunately, the gift-giving season will shortly be upon us, so make a note.

Manga: The first volume of "Rin-Ne" by Rumiko Takahashi ("Inuyasha," "Ranma 1/2") came out today in America at the same time as the Japanese version -- the first simultaneous release ever, which is kind of a Big Deal.

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