Two new Pixar films this year means two new Pixar shorts, and while many (myself included) were not a fan of Lava, there’s still hope for the studio’s next short, Sanjay’s Super Team. And you can get your first peek at footage from director Sanjay Patel’s heartfelt and personal animated short with this new official clip.

Sanjay’s Super Team is inspired by Patel’s own childhood, as he was often embarrassed by his father’s devotion to the Hindu religion. The short centers on young superhero fan Sanjay, who is trying — and failing — to watch his favorite Saturday morning cartoon, as he’s constantly interrupted and annoyed by his father’s morning prayer. You can see that part in the clip above, as Sanjay battles with his father over the television volume before relenting and joining him for prayer.

The rest of the short follows young Sanjay as he accidentally blows out a prayer candle and finds himself transported to a magical Hindu temple. Presumably, he’ll learn to respect his family’s faith and some very cute and wonderful things will transpire as Pixar’s newest short tries to tug our heart strings. Patel has previously worked as an animator and story artist on Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and other Pixar shorts.

The company’s last short, Lava, received mostly negative reactions when it played before Inside Out — one of Pixar’s best recent films played with one of their worst shorts. And while Lava isn’t offensive or completely terrible, it failed to live up to previous Pixar shorts and ultimately fell flat for many. Here’s hoping for better things from Sanjay’s Super Team, which hits theaters with The Good Dinosaur this November.


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