Animation: James Kochalka points out a recent nod to Jim Woodring's art on Adventure Time. It's Algebraic! [The Beat]

Viral: Warner Bros. Amanda Waller seems to have launched her own blog, promoting the Green Lantern movie just talkin' about her life and such. [DCWKA]

TV: It looks like Fox won't be renewing DC's Human Target for a third season. [MTV Splash Page]

Upcoming: Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's awesome Beasts of Burden will be back with all-new stories in Dark Horse Presents #4, 6 and 8. AWWWW YEAH!!! [Dark Horse]

Education: Tom Hart is currently raising funds for the Sequential Art Workshop, a school to open in Gainesville, Florida with the help of contributors. [Scott McCloud]

Movies: Hector Hammond gets his creep on in a new Green Lantern movie poster. [SuperHeroHype]

Art: MisterManalo's Batman paper toy seems poised to overlook the paper streets of Gotham. [Super Punch]

Gaming: Army of Darkness is getting its own tower defense game, Army of Darkness: Defense on iOS devices today for $0.99. [Joystiq]

Movies: A new clip from X-Men: First Class shows just how impressed those bumpkins from the '60s were with mutant powers. Pssssh. Here in the future there's so many mutants Scarlet Witch had to wish all put a few hundred away just so folks would notice them again. [Yahoo!]

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