Movies: If you thought the 2005 Fantastic Four film was a departure from its Marvel Comics source material, wait until you see the unused concept art for Dr. Doom and the Thing by Constantine Sekeris. [CBM]

Art Shows: "Lazer Lips and Glass Helmets", an art show featuring nearly 20 new retro-futuristic pieces of artwork by Ming Doyle and Toby Cypress, will kick off a 7 p.m. on March 1st at LA's The Secret Headquarters with all pieces on sale and set for display through the end of the month. [Out Of Step Arts]

Science: According to the "Doing Whatever a Spider Can" paper by three physics students at Canada's University of Leicester an actual spider's webbing could pull off the same train-stopping results as Spidey's in Spider-Man 2... if scaled up properly. [CBC]

Toys: What's MattyCollector's upcoming Castle Grayskull look like compared to previous toy versions? Take a look in their latest fan vid. [MattyCollector]

Custom: Tommy Filth's custom Boba Fett KitchenAid mixer is missing a wookie scalp or two, but that's probably for the best. [Neatorama]

Toys: UNKL's upcoming 3" DC vinyl toy line features a number of familiar faces, but in my book, they get extra points for including Mr. Freeze. [BBTS]

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