Television: Arrow has cast actor Matt Ward (TRON: Legacy) to play the villain Komodo in the upcoming third season of the series. [EW]



Art: Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo provided the cover for  singer Aya Nakano's album "Warui Kuse," which comes out September 3. [Crunchyroll]


Toys: In an interview with Conan O'Brien, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For star Jessica Alba said her new action figure is definitely not for kids. [ScreenCrush]


Video Games: The new trailer for Disney Infinity 2.0's Toy Box mode implies that Marvel characters may actually get to interact with the Disney characters. [Joystiq]



Movies: Artist Justin Sweet's concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy shows just how different the movie could have looked. [io9]



Manga: Lupin III creator Monkey Punch has drawn this image of the actors from the live-action adaptation of his comic as comic characters. [AnimeNewsNetwork]

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