TV: New Arrow stills show what Seth Gabel (Fringe) will look like as The Count in the Jan. 30 episode, "Vertigo." [TV Guide]

Reality TV: One of the people who worked on King of the Nerds is more or less sorry for how the show has turned out, after working hard to make it as decent as possible. [Topless Robot]

Toys: Onesixthrepublic has posted new images of Hot Toys' Iron Man offerings, among other things. [Onesixthrepublic]

Animation: Best Buy's The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 Blu-ray set will come packed with an exclusive Frank Miller style Joker figure when it arrives on January 29. [TNI]

Gaming: Street Fighter X Mega Man V2 debuts this Friday for PC gamers. New additions include a password screen. [Capcom Unity]

Toys: Mini vinyl collectors who dig Doctor Who might want to check out the latest offerings from Titan Merchandise. [Tomopop]

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