Gaming: The free Facebook RPG, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, is now live. [Facebook]

Movies: Sony is apparently adapting Valiant's Bloodshot into a live action film. No, seriously. [SHH]

Awards: The 2012 Eagle Award nominees have been announced, which include CA for "Favourite Comics-Related Website." You can vote for your favorites at the official Eagle Awards site. [EA]

Tech: Wacom has announced its new line of Intuos5 graphics tablets with advanced new touch features. [Engadget]

Gaming: DLC, including an extra story route, for One Piece Kaizoku Musou has been announced for Japanese fans. [ANN]

Art: They're not an officially licensed product by any means, but Etsy seller extramoneyformommy's Han Solo in Carbonite crayons are an excellent use of the licensed ice cube molds and melted-down Crayolas. [Gizmodo]

Gaming: DC Universe Online's "The Battle for Earth" DLC will go live on March 14. [DCUO]

Grim: Funerals are sad. Hello Kitty is happy. A Hello Kitty-themed funeral must therefore be emotionless. [Japanator]

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