Movies: Robert "Iron Man" Downey Jr. has read The Avengers movie script and says its going to be fantastic. Well, once he fixes it. [MTV Splash Page]

Charity: A group of men that includes several Dark Horse Comics employees is participating in Movember, a November-long mustache growing contest to raise money to fight men's cancer. Check the link to learn more. [Movember Comics Network]

Parody: Did you vote yesterday? Frank Miller very likely did. After he drew a "Krypto-Facist" gag, anyway. [The Beat]

Gaming: Gina Torres discusses her role as the voice of Wonder Woman in Sony's upcoming DC Universe Online. She was a great Super Woman in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. [DCUO]

Toys: Customizer DaMan crafts a mean Killraven. [Toy Cutter]

Art: Grant Morrison discusses bringing his Knight, Squire and other new characters into Batman and Robin. [The Source]

Bricks: Dark Horse's The Mask gets blocky as one of Jordan "Sir Nadroj" Schwartz's Lego Cubedudes. [Super Punch]

Animation: Disney XD teases the debut of Captain America in tonight's episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. [Marvel]

Art: In the approximated words of Chris Sims, "Kamandi. Is. Awesome, you guys!" [io9]

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