Conventions: Fan Expo Canada 2011 attendees will be able to get their hands on a new Dale Eaglesham variant cover for Captain America #1 featuring Canada's most prominent Marvel heroes sporting appropriately decorated shields. [Marvel]

TV: According to creator Brian Wood, DMZ had a "...near miss with setting DMZ up as a television show." We're with Graeme McMillan, DCE. Make it happen! [Blog@]

Upcoming: Frank Cho is currently working on an X-Men miniseries that will "have three of the hottest women in the Marvel Universe" in it. [Robot6]

Wackiness: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh seems to be getting its Batman on with a cowled T-Rex statue near the set of The Dark Knight Rises. [io9]

Gaming: Casual gaming sensation Angry Birds will get the MAD Magazine treatment care of Charles Akins in issue 511. [MAD]

Toys: Underground Toys' bricky line of Doctor Who toys will get a massive TARDIS play set later this fall. Must... own... soon... [BBTS]

Fireworks: Twitter user Cyclone9joker captures a pokéball from the Nagaoka fireworks display in Niigata, Japan. [Kotaku]

Webcomics: Pyromaniac Studios is at work on a fan film based on J. Jacques' Questionable Content due out this winter. [YouTube Via CA Reader Ben]

Software: Jim Davis espouses the virtues and "threats" presented by Garfield's Comic Boom comic strip software: "This new software is like adding a jet pack to creativity. Kids can craft characters and backgrounds and tell a story with such ease and speed that I'm a little worried I might be out of a job soon." [The Beat]

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