Creators: The comics community remembers Canadian artist Clement Sauvé, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 33 following a battle with cancer. [The Beat]

Digital: Sony's PSP successor, the NGP, is on the way. Given the availability of comics on the PSP, I think it's safe to assume similar offerings will surface on this device. [Kotaku]

Anime: It looks like those waiting for the English version of Studio Ghibli's The Borrower Arrietty have a long wait ahead of them. Expect it in theaters by February 17 2012. [Japanator]

Podcasts: Our own Andy Khouri sits in on this week's Meltcast to discuss the end of Wizard and ToyFare, the recent death of a Fantastic Four member and more. [Meltcast]

Toys: Behold the Dalek kart! No really, kids can now drive evil (inflatable) alien starfish mechs. [Topless Robot]

Logos: Logo design ain't easy, as evidenced by the many permutations of DMZ's title. [Brian Wood's Flickr]

Threads: If you dig Dog Fort comics as much as we do, this tee may melt your heart. [DogFortDogs]

Fewer Threads: Harley Quinn finally gets the sunshine she so richly deserved in this bikini by Courtney Coombs. [Great White Snark]

Icons: Seven_Hundred helps BoingBoing's Flickr pool rock out Batman style. [BoingBoing]

Athletics: This Cyberman swim cap is perfect for a guy purposefully swimming in cold water. [io9]