History: Did you know Clint Eastwood turned down a possible chance to play Superman? Also, dude digs Namor. Maybe he played both roles on Earth 57? [Hero Complex]

Artists: Tom Spurgeon remembers the late Cuban cartoonist Tomas Rafael Rodriguez Zayas. [The Comics Reporter]

Hollywood: Has the plot for a "Ghost Rider" movie sequel leaked? Perhaps more importantly, does anyone want to see a GR sequel? [Spinoff]

Mindgrapes: Forget "glass half-full" vs. "glass half-empty" thinking. Are you an Optimist Prime or a Negatron? Choose wisely! [The Daily What via Pizza Party]

Movies: Yahoo's released a new "Red" clip featuring Helen Mirren action. [The Beat]

More Movies: Speaking of "Red," its director Robert Schwentke has confirmed that he'll be working on the cinematic adaptation of Dark Horse Comic's "R.I.P.D.," which is tentatively set to star Ryan Reynolds. [Comic Vine]

Animation: Batman and his allies square off against Starro the Conqueror in September 17's season opener of "The Brave and the Bold" episode on Cartoon Network. You can catch an exclusive preview at io9.

Art: "The Art of Drew Struzan" from Titan books showcases the "Hellboy" movie poster that could have been. It's a shame the famed illustrator's image didn't make theaters, but it's good to see it finally get published. [MTV Splash Page]

Gaming: Zero-Lives puts its spin on the often eye-roll-worthy bumper stickers that span suburban traffic. [Kotaku]

Webcomics: Nedroid's Anthony Clark maps out his upcoming SPX plans. [Nedroid]

Previews: If you like Billy the Kid and things that are "old timey," chances are you'll really dig this preview of Dark Horse's upcoming "Billy The Kid's Old Timey Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London" #1. [iFanboy]

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